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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday morning blues

The trouble with having a really lovely weekend is that come Monday morning you end up with the blues, well I have today anyway, The weather has been exceptional today and it has bought the folks out to enjoy the wharf, the tea room and of course the ice creams, it has however been a quiet day in other respects, the wharf has seen a few folks on it for services but not many considering the time of year, we have had three day boats out today and two hire boats which Mick has sorted out, we have been down on staff today because of days off etc but it hasn't been a big issue as not a lot going on, it does go like this when the whole fleet is out, and the basin is empty, the basin being empty has given me and David the chance to get the tug launched and it went in with no trouble at all, the engine started too and we soon had it doing cart wheels around the basin, That made me smile! There are some funny noises coming from the hydraulic drive system so that needs some Simon attention when he has got time.

the day boats are just starting to return so I must shoot off and give them a hand tying up as if we don't it will look like they have just been dumped in the basin.

If you are at all interested click on this link to see a short video of the tug being launched.

Enjoy your evening

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