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Monday, 27 August 2012

some bank holiday

well what happened to the weather again!!!!.......supposed to be a bank holiday and "sunny", we haven't seen much of that yellow thing in the sky this year so why would it shine today, it plays havoc with the ice cream sales and also the amount of customers who visit norbury just for a day out.
we had 3 day boats out this morning, they all headed towards wheaton aston and haven't had a drop of rain all day....until they got back to norbury, all had a great time and returned without any issues. windsor returned back to us this morning after being out on a short break from thursday, 4 guys out on a work related holiday and had a good time.
the shop has been quite quiet today although the tea room has seen a few customers in for breakfast goodies which has kept lorraine occupied for most of the day with the help of joyce.
simon and david were out for most of the morning launching a boat, all i could hear was the tractor outside with simon enjoying himself inside moving this boat around the yard which eventually made it into the water, he's like a big kid where anything like this is involved.
don't tell him i told you but we have sourced some magnets for the doors on opal 2, don't quite know what the true purpose of them are but they are tiny little magnets and they are sooooooo powerful. he has been sat at his desk this morning playing with them, blanche, the lady who delivers our newspapers for us was mesmerised watching him, he had them doing somersaults on the top of his desk whilst moving one of them underneath his desk. he then decided that he wanted to see what it felt like to have a tongue piercing...........ooops.....he removed the magnets from his tongue and they took a bit of skin from the end of his tongue and made it bleed....twit. he then proceeded to put them either side of his nose and even tried them as a pair of ear rings, i tell you, you wouldn't believe what we have to put up with, and he calls us numpties, i rest my case.
steve has been doing freddie jobs today, we have actually seen quite a lot of boats on the wharf today for diesel and pump outs, i have been catching up with the washing, all done now and i have also been measuring up for curtains on "tom bombardial". this boat was here back in the winter having internal works done and i went shopping with him for some curtain material, they didn't have enough of the fabric that he wanted at the time so he said he would collect the rest on route and find someone to make them for him........guess what.... he never found anyone so i will be doing them after all, simon you will have to buy me a new sewing machine cos mine is in the bin...been working too sewing machine not me..ha ha, til next time byeeee ange.

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  1. Brilliant Ange, more off-the-wall chic. Keep it up!!!