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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Yesterday was the first day since I've worked here at Norbury that I have managed to escape early. It was a very special occasion and I just had to be there! The wedding of two of my friends - Calum and Kat. Calum was one of the first people that I met when I moved to Norbury over eight years ago. He took an instant interest in the canals and has been on a number of trips with me when I owned Hyperion. On one occasion we picked his Mum up from a nearby canalside village so that she could have a few ours out on the boat with us. It soon transpired that Calum's uncle actually worked for British Waterways in Northamptonshire and infact I knew him quite well - It's a small world isn't it. Calum and Kat began courting after Calum and I were tied up in Gnosall one night on the way home from a gathering that we had been to with Hyperion.

Anyway, I managed to get to the church just as Kat was about to walk down the isle. A brilliant reception and evening party continued into the early hours. All the best to Calum and Kat!

The weather has been quite pleasant here today. We had three dayboats out first thing and we have docked one of our moorers boats to repair their bowthruster and fix a problem that they have had with the rudder. It's also been busy on the Wharf today with pumpouts, diesel and gas. The tearoom has had a steady flow of customers and the phone has been quite persistent - after all it is bank holiday weekend!

That's it from me today.

Until tomorrow.

Regards, David.

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