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Sunday, 2 September 2012

We are supposed to be quiet now that the school holidays are drawing to an end, but this weekend has been incredibly busy. Today has been just as manic as yesterday.

We've had a few boats pull in this weekend that have needed repairs (one even had to be towed here!) and it is very rare that we don't have someone that we can just pull off of a job that they are doing and get them to repair the boats in distress, but this weekend I'm afraid that a couple of boats have had to hang around for a day or so until we can get someone to effect repairs. We do feel bad about it when that happens, but we just seemed to run out of hands!

Simon's two Uncles and his Dad turned upto do some jobs around the yard for us today. It wasn't the best day for them to start dismantling the shop, but by the time I walked through the door this afternoon they already had the racking in bits! I'm sure they will get the new racking up tomorrow and we will get the shop ship shape again...

I can't list the jobs that Bernard, Mick and myself have done today - with help at times from Steve who isn't actually at work today! I know Lorraine, Ange and Charlotte have been manning the shop and tearoom, I'm sure they have all been kept busy - unfortunately I haven't seen much of them as I have been out and about trying to fix boats!

Mick and I are sat here, knackered. There's only one thing for it - off to the pub for a well deserved pint, or two and something to eat.

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P.S. Apologies that I haven't published the latest issue of Norbury News. I have printed a copy to proof read tonight and it will be on our website tomorrow.

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