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Saturday, 8 September 2012

What a glorious day it has been here again today. We had three dayboats go out first thing and two boats return.

We waved Ange off on holiday this morning as she departed from the Wharf, following filling the boat's diesel tank and changing empty gas bottles. Have a great time Ange.

We've all been kept busy as we had to get eight boats and the holiday cottage ready for their occupants for this week who all had arrived by about 3.30pm.

It's amazing what people take on holiday with them. Sometimes we can't believe how much luggage they manage to squeeze into the cabins or in fact their elderly granny in a wheelchair who can still manage to climb aboard. Today is no exception. Some locals from Newport have gone out on Python today for a short break and they have brought their parrot along for the trip. George, as he is affectionately named lives in their house and only sleeps in his large cage. They rest of the time he is free to roam their property. It is no different when they are out and about, he sits patiently on one or other of their arms. They carry a perch around with them which he happily sits on when he isn't being fussed. He has created a lot of interest today and he has been stroked by a lot of people. Let's hope he enjoys his first trip on a narrowboat. I'm told that he will be sat on his perch on the cabin top as they cruise quietly along - so look out for Python and give them a wave.

That's it for today. Lets hope that it's another warm one tomorrow.

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