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Friday, 12 October 2012

normal friday

well it has been just a normal friday here at norbury today. we had 1 day boat out first thing this morning and 5 shared boats returned to us. we also had pippin return with previous hirers who have had a real good time down in kinver :-)
quartz has gone out today for a week along with phantom which has gone out a day early as it suited the customer to pick it up a day early as she was here in the basin, we do try to accommodate our customers if we can.
carol (mrs handbag) has been doing the cleaning for us today and joyce has manned the tea room, i did have to help her occasionally as the sun has shone here all day and we have seen lots of cyclists pass through.
although the sun has shone all day it has been quite cold and very windy so we have all been wrapped up in our jackets, except joyce of course who has been slaving over a hot griddle......joyce ur a star.
simon (engineer) has done the internal checks on phantom and quartz and has also done an engine service on honeystreet and showed the day boat out this morning.
fred has been doing pump outs, diesel and gas on the boats that returned and simon (boss) is down on his boat in southampton, or at least i think he is, that was the plan anyway.
david off "tom bombardial" came in to collect his curtains yesterday, i spoke to him this morning, they are nearly all hanging up and he is over the moon with them i'm glad to say......thank goodness, it always worries me when you attack someone's material with a pair of scissors. i went down at lunchtime to inspect my work, they look really nice, good choice of material david alcock............well done.
that is all i have to report today, have a good evening all...........till next time ....byee ange.

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