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Friday, 26 October 2012


Friday and its the end of another week, well it is for me anyway! Its been a cold one here at Norbury today, it was certainly a cold one last night and a windy one too, i sleep at home with my bedroom windows wide open , I got up early this mooring to find the curtains had been sucked out of the window and it was freezing, i soon shut the windows and jumped back in to bed, we have been selling coal and smokeless fuels at a good rate now that the colder weather has come, we had a further 4 tons delivered today so that we don’t run too low on stock as I suspect its going to get colder.

The lads have all been busy again today, Steve is still doing wood work on a brokerage boat, Simon has been working on a replacement stern gear all day on a boat in the dock, Fred turned the fleet around this morning and then went blacking another boat in the dock, Lee has been flitting between dry dock and wet dock applying paint to two boats, he is nearly finished on both of them, this weekend should see the back of them, Mick has been on engines in the fleet all day getting them ready for either collection this afternoon of tomorrow, We have had Billy in today to do show arounds, David has been all over the place, on hire boats in the cottage, on private boats, in the office, and on the phone taking last minute booking, which is pretty much the same as me, Denise has looked after the tea room helped by Denise while she has been in-between cleaning hire boats, all in all a busy day!

Until Monday

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