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Friday, 5 October 2012

quiet friday

hi all, it has been quiet here at norbury today, we haven't seen many boats around.
we had 2 shared boats return to us this morning, one came back on wednesday and 2 came back last night. i was doing my washing when i heard someone shout "where can we moor", "on the wharf for tonight" i said and then i immediately sent simon a text asking him not to tell them off when he arrived this morning as i had told them to moor there as we had no spaces......."no worries" he said, and then i caught the people off wolverley trying to escape to the pub through a locked gate, in actual fact it wasn't locked as i had left it open for them, they were scaling the
denise has done the valets this morning and cleaned wharf cottage for the weekend whilst joyce has looked after the tea room, she has been kept quite busy and has also had a bit of a spring clean in there a bit early and what a sterling job she has done.........well done joyce :)
i have been ploughing through boat paperwork and sending invoices to the shared boats for the work we have done to their boat during september and simon has been helping me in the office with answering the phone and taking a couple of holiday bookings. he has also been doing a quote for an insurance job on one of our moorers boats as well as nicking half my breakfast this morning, i'm ordering 3 slices of toast tomorrow then i wil have the 2 that i asked for, don't worry i won't tell amanda. he hasn't been very well over the last couple of days and i think he has a virus, not man flu  as if anyone dares to eat anything he pinches half of it.
fred has been turning boats around today and simon (engineer) has done engines and internal checks.
we have had pippin go out today for a week with returning customers who took phoenix out in june, they headed north on phoenix and have decided to head down to stourport this time, i hope they have better luck at turning round in the basin at stourport than we did when we were down there 4 weeks ago........what a nightmare :(.............poor mark.
well that's all i have to report for today..........speak soon, ange.

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