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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Long drive

Part of my job sees me all over the country looking at boats, pricing jobs up, giving prices to people for their boats, dropping people off to move them, so today swa me up on the Leeds and Liverpool canal looking at a cruiser style boat for sale, Why o why do people have boats built with an odd layout, they obviously think its a good idea at the time but when it comes to sell the boat it really affects its value, this boat I looked at today was one of those such boats, it had a really good fit out and had been done very well but what an odd set up, it had a single bed at the back with a fold down bed next to it and a porta potti that sat in the shower tray, and a massive galley with a small and cramped saloon,this was a modern boat and the original owner had some funny ideas, anyway I didnt buy the boat!

Although I have been out and about today I was in first thing this morning and the weather was foul, and its been foul all day and not really a pleasent drive, it was busy this morning and I am glad that David is back, and he will keep you entertained over the next few days as I am having a few days off, so until next week.


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