Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday 9th October

I wish I had a video camera this morning to video the drive in to work along the country lanes, there was a bit of mist which hung heavy just above the hedge rows which gave the impression of driving through a tunnel, the sun too was just above the hedge row and as I passed the trees in the fields the sun shone in rays through the mist, it was a stunning sight and I was glad that I was driving down the country lanes and not stuck in traffic in the city, I do enjoy my drive in to work, and the peace and quiet, I don’t have the radio on in the car and it gives me time for my brain to wake up ready for the day.

This morning got off to a busy start on the wharf, several boats in and out for services, phones ringing and customers coming through the door, but after lunch it went dead quiet and remained like that for the rest of the day, nothing exciting has happened today, just the lads doing the normal jobs and Joyce and Denise in the shop and tea room, No Angela today, probably a good thing as I was apparently getting on her one and only nerve yesterday!

David will be back off his holidays on Thursday so no doubt he will be giving you a rundown of his boating over the last week, until then.

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