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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

strange day

it has been a very strange day at norbury today.
very quiet to start with, we had 1 day boat out 1st thing this morning and it has stayed dry for them all day.
i caught up with a bit of paperwork today and have also done a couple of holiday bookings, 1 for next year and 1 for this saturday, we have almost got the whole fleet out now for this weekend :-)
steve has been on freddie duty today as fred has been at the eye infirmary today as he likes to call it, simon has done a bit of welding on the hatch on karakoram which is a brokerage boat that we have sold, lovely couple and they are heading down to london...........they managed to boil the engine between here bridge38 and bridge 37, we attended their breakdown and hopefully they are now on their way.
lee has carried on with the painting of "whycwood" which is coming along nicely.
joyce asked if she could go home today at lunch time, i said yeah no probs...........i never had a minute to spare in their all afternoon.........simon  was out and about and i was in the shop, tea room and answering the phone and doing the holiday bookings........sods law..........and danny off karakoram wanted to pay his bill.
all in all a very strange day, let's see what tomorrow brings,
bye for now ange.

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