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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

middle of the week!

Where is this week going, cant believe its the middle of the week already, mores to the point its now the middle of the month and where has that gone? with that in mind its nearly the end of the cruising season so not much time left your last trip out before the 'CART' shut the system for its winter maintenance, Although as this year has been so quiet on the canals I don’t suppose we will notice much difference!

Its been a glorious day here today, so warm I have even had to take my coat off as I was so hot, its a shame in some respects its been so nice as there hasn’t been many people around to take advantage of it, I have been busy today catching up with paperwork, valuing boats, order parts and stock, Simon has been busy with welding anodes in the dry dock, welding a diesel tank leak and also doing an engine service on an old BMC 1.5 engine in a boat that we have just sold on brokerage, Steve has been blacking, pump outs and doing woodwork in a brokerage boat and Joyce has been looking after the tea room and spring cleaning.

As I am typing this blog I am struggling to keep my eyes open as I had rather a late night last night, let’s just say it was nearly time to get up before I actually went to bed! roll on home time tonight.

until tomorrow.
Sleepy Simon

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