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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Just as we were walking out of the door on Friday evening the phone rang. Simon promptly answered the it and on the other end were the lads who had taken Sphynx out for the weekend. The engine had stopped for some reason and they were close to Church Eaton. Unfortunately for Mick he was on call, so he departed in the van to see sort it out. I had a call from him at about seven, to say that he thought it was a little more terminal than we first thought, but could be fixed with some spare parts that we carry on the shelf and it was agreed that Mick would visit the boat first thing in the morning as the light was fading and it was making the job difficult. 

I got to work just before eight yesterday morning to prepare for another hectic day. Mick arrived soon after and gathered the bits together that he required. Once he was on board it was soon apparent that we really needed the boat back at the yard, so we swiftly my another ten berth boat available and sent the lads on their way. That's the first time this year we have had to swap some customers to another boat - it would happen on the last week of the season... Mick returned to the yard to get the other six boats and the holiday cottage ready for the oncoming customers. 

We had Bill in too to check the internals of the boats and of course Fred who did his "normal" Saturday jobs, pumpouts, gas, diesel, water and washed the fleet off as an amazing number of leaves had fallen onto the top of the boats.

As soon as all of the boats were ready I dispatched Simon to get the engine running along with Fred who would steer the boat back. He arrived at about five thirty last night - one of the reasons there was no blog yesterday...

Mick had to go to a boat at Audlem first thing this morning, so Steve set to removing the inspection plate on the top of the diesel tank of Sphynx and emptying the diesel. We've had to replace the majority of the fuel line. I don't think it has got anything to do with the "Diesel Bug" but a sign of age. She has obviously had a problem in the past as the originally supply pipe has been capped off and another pipe fitted. It has taken most of the day, but we now are confident that she will be ready for the customers who are picking her up tomorrow.

Denise has been in the tearoom today with Joyce helping out when necessary.

Winters certainly on it's way. It has been bitterly cold for the past couple of nights, and the temperature doesn't seem to have risen much today. We've had one day boat out both yesterday and today, I do feel sorry for them when it is cold and damp, but both parties have seemed to enjoy themselves.

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