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Monday, 8 October 2012

poor little soldier

well as the title suggests we have a poor little soldier on our hands today........his name is simon (our m.d) and he is still not very well. at 8.30 this morning he was asking if it was time to go home, i said to him to go and he assured me that he had lots to didn't materialise.........he said to me at 4 o'clock is it time to go home yet, by which time i only had 1 nerve left and he was getting on it ;).......he went home after saying don't forget to turn my computer off and make sure everything is locked up.
it has been very quiet here today, we had 1 day boat out first thing this morning and they had a dry day at least, the sun came out just as simon went home, how spooky is that and we also saw a few customers in the tea room so that should put a smile on his face.
mick has been working on "quartz" today, something has gone wrong with the alde heating and you cannot get the spare parts for the "older" alde heating system so it has had to have a complete new system installed on it.
steve has been working on a private boat, basically tidying it up, it is on brokerage, so watch this space.
denise has been in the tea room today, it hasn't been very busy until the sun came out this afternoon, then all hell broke loose.
we have done a couple of bookings today for the half term week in october, other than that i have been looking after customers in the shop, ordering chandlery items for the shop, for example stove glass, as at this time of the year when people go to their boat when they haven't been there for a while and they light the fire the glass cracks............oops.......sorry but it happens a lot and they don't understand why.
simon has been sat at his desk croaking and david is still on holiday.
till next time...........byeeee ange.

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