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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thursday already

Its Thursday already, and nearly the weekend, hurrah, got a busy weekend planned, early start on Saturday and a drive in to Wales to meet up with friends and then driving up the side of a mountain, just for the fun of it! Not quite boating but sometimes its nice to have a change, we won’t be away from water for long as we are planning a stop for fish and chips on the sea front near Barmouth, I might even post some pictures next week.

Anyway back to today, although every day seems to be similar here at the fun factory, no two days are ever the same, we had a day boat out first thing which Simon got ready and David showed out, We then got a call from the folks on Phantom, they had broken down at Hack Green locks, so Simon was dispatched to that to sort it out, That turned out to be an empty fuel tank, now that’s not the first time it has happened, we reckon that hire boats are an easy target for unscrupulous people siphoning the diesel off, Simon did take some diesel with him so they were soon on their way again, people don’t realise the cost involved when an engineer has to attend a breakdown! David and Steve docked another boat for blacking, once docked he then Steve pressure washed the hull sides and then carried on with the woodwork on a brokerage boat. I manned the office and Denise looked after the tearoom, I knuckled down to doing some outstanding paperwork and writing letters, boring stuff really! The diesel tanker turned up with a fresh load of diesel, good job as we had nearly out, I am amazed that we are still selling a large quantity of the stuff, David returned to the office and did some paperwork and then it was time to go home, so until tomorrow.


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