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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

blowing a gale

hi, it has been very, very windy here today at norbury and no i'm not talking about simon ;-)..........ha ha
he won't thank me for saying that, but hay ho, if you can't stand the heat then keep out of the kitchen, just ask blanche.
on a more serious side it has been very windy here, we had 1 day boat out this morning with someone who is considering buying a boat for himself and his dog to live on, so he thought he would try a day boat first, they had a really good time.
joyce has been quite busy in the tea room today and we had a couple of lads on a boat last night on a b and b basis as they are fitting a septic tank to one of the cottages down the way.
simon has been doing simon things all day (not quite sure what) but at least he turned up for work and stayed til the close of business.
"tom bombardial" left us today after mick had fitted a battery management system to his boat, mick then went in search of simons vernier that has gone walkabout.....whoops, and then on to do a bit of housekeeping, i think that's a bit of tidying up in the workshop, i do hope so, can't imagine him doing cleaning of boats and the odd bit of washing.
the phones have been quite busy today with enquiries for holiday prices for next year and we have done a couple more bookings.
i have been ploughing through invoices and bank statements ready for the end of the year (31st october) only to be told that the goal posts have been moved and we have now been extended to the end of feb 2013....phew.
steve has carried on with the internal works on one of the brokerage boats and we have taken a deposit on "second chance".
that's all to report for today..........til next time byeeeeeeee, ange.

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