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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

smashing day

What a smashing day it has been today and what a day to have been out on the water messing with boats, for the last few years I have noticed that the weather has been better later in the year, we all try to take our holidays in this country in the summer months but I am definitely leaning towards having time off in the Autumn instead as we do get some stunning days, admittedly its a bit chilly but at least there is no rain and hardly any wind, I typed this out before the heavens opened up, which they did for a very brief moment and then the sun came back out and its been a lovely afternoon.

Not a busy one today at all, we have only seen a few boats going through and only a couple on the wharf for services, the phones have been busy and me and Angela have done quite a few bookings for next year, the lads have been busy, Simon finishing off a wiring job on a private boat, also finishing off odd jobs on brokerage boats, Fred and Steve docked a boat this morning for blacking and Fred then proceeded to pressure wash it, I think Steve went back to bed, well it was his day off after all, Lee carried on preparing the boat in the wet dock, Joyce looked after the tea room.

No more to say about today

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