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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

13th Sepetember!

I really hope I don't have another day like I have had today for a long long time!

It all started off quite nicely, sun shining, day boats ready, boats waiting on the wharf for services, everyone in a good mood, however it didn't stay like that for long, the the sun, the wind and the torrential rain and some more wind have added to a pretty miserable day in all.

we have had a couple of silly breakdowns today which were down to customer error, a dry docking of an old working boat, the removal of a gearbox with a dodgy drive plate and numerous other jobs on boats, it would be lovely sometimes to just crack on with one job without being disturbed and then having to go on to another and then another! Still I suppose it make the day go quicker, and talking of how quick the day has gone, it is time for me to shut up shop and head to the nearest pub to home and have a beer, so that's it from me for another day.


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