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Monday, 19 September 2011

Long stint ahead

Well Mondays come around far to quickly for my liking,especially when you have had a very enjoyable weekend,and I did indeed have a lovely weekend even if I did get drowned as a rat! I mentioned on Friday that I was off to the Southampton boat show over the weekend so I drove down on Friday evening, had a good run down there considering it was a Friday evening, on Saturday morning it threw it down,we sat in the boat and though that the day would be a wash out but not long after the sun appeared and we only had a couple of light showers during the day,the show was good and the new boats were amazing, we were very honoured to be given the guided tour of a 98 foot super yacht that was destined for its new owner in some warm foreign climate, the cost of this monster was a cool 7.6 million, I have placed an order for a couple for the hire fleet (in my dreams!) after spending all day at the show we left feeling a little deflated as we couldn't afford to buy anything other than a pot of super wax for our shoes!

Back to reality at Norbury and as the title suggests, its going to be a 'long stint' as David id off boating again so I will be in now for the next 7 days,its an agreement that me and David have, if one of us is off the other covers, and its my turn.

Its been a very busy day today, the shop and tea room have been quiet but me and David have been busy with all of the other stuff that requires attention on a daily basis, no day boats out today but we do have some out later on this week, Mick has been busy on several boats and finishing a few jobs off as well as getting one hire boat ready and the holiday cottage, Graham has been installing anew stern tube assembly and a Python drive assembly which Bernard will finish off tomorrow, Matt has started preparing the cabin for another full paint job,so they have all been busy.

That's it from me for tonight so until tomorrow.

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