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Sunday, 4 September 2011


I went over to the Shackerstone family festival last night. It has to be said that it is my favourite gathering. I’ve been every year for about ten years, so I felt that I had to put in an appearance. It was great to see everyone, but somehow it’s not quite the same going by car. It’ll have to be back on my agenda for next year…

The Ashby canal is delightful. It isn’t the deepest, but if you just slow down you can sit back and take in the scenery. I went up there about four years ago with 18 tonnes of coal on Hyperion and didn’t get stuck anywhere, except for when I misjudged turning onto the aqueduct at Shackerstone – but you learn from your mistakes!

Here's Hyperion with all the other historic boats at Shackerstone.

When I got back to Norbury this morning it had been raining. It’s been a bit grey today, although the sun has showed its face occasionally today. I’m told that the long range forecast is quite good for September, so if anyone is planning on getting away after the school holiday’s it seems like it will be a good month for it.

It’s been another good week on the boat sales front. We have sold both reference 10241 and Jenny Ann Too. We now have just half a dozen boats on our books, so if you are looking at selling your boat – Look no further! You can call either Simon or me any day of the week. If you would like to view all of the boats that we currently have for sale click here.

It has been a bit quiet here today. We did have three dayboats go out this morning and we have had a number of boats on the wharf for services, but no where near the number we usually have on a Sunday. Ralph’s pressure washed a boat on the dock. Mick went out on a breakdown this morning and he has been carrying on with the engine fit in La Valeria.

Steve and Aaron have been working up the moorings today, yes I know it’s a Sunday, but we needed to make some headway with the path.

Lorraine has been cleaning a couple of boats and Ange has been getting on top of the laundry in between her normal daily tasks. Jay and Jack have manned the tea room.

We are now getting people enquiring about winter moorings and a couple have already booked a slot. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were organising the winter moorings last year, and so much has happened since then – doesn’t time fly? We still have space available, so I suggest you contact us as soon as you can if you need one. We can cater for live aboards too.

Talking about ‘live aboards’ I have now published on our website the first six parts of a twelve part series on the joys and pitfalls of living afloat that has been published in Towpath Talk over the past few months. Written by waterways journalist Peter Underwood, it is based on his eight years of living on board his boat Blackberry Way. Follow this link to find out more.

Well, Simon will be back to keep you entertained tomorrow, so that’s it from me until next week!

Have a good week.

Best regards,

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