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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lovely day

What a smashing day, it all started at a very blurry eyed 6.30 this morning, I did mention that I was going for a drink on my way home last night, well I didn't actually make home until the pub had shut, so I awoke this morning feeling a little worse for wear, it does need to be done sometimes just to let off steam! At 7am when I finally opened the curtains I was greeted by a wonderful autumnal day with the sun streaming through the bedroom window, a lovely damp smell in the air, I love mornings like that, apart from the hangover!

Well its been a bit of a busy day today, so much so that I am still here at 6 o'clock typing up the blog, Two day boats out again today with a lovely group of retired people, all 19 people loaded on to both boats and headed up to the wharf at Goldsatone for their lunch, they returned without incident, the boats were spotlessly clean and they had all had a wonderful time, they certainly had the weather for it today as the sun has shone all day long and I even managed to get my coat off this afternoon. Graham has been busy welding up the replacement cabin and welding up some dodgy rivets on the old boat in the dock, Bernard has been out on a breakdown and cast his eye over the hire boats that we have sat in the yard as well as several other jobs around the place, Fred has been cleaning out some of the brokerage boats that were in a bit of a state as well as looking after the many customers that have been on the wharf today and he and Matt then went off up the moorings and moved a few boats around to make room for Steve who is cracking on with the moorings at a steady pace, the girls have been busy in the shop and the tea room has been busy today so that has kept them out of mischief.

Well that's it from me for another day, so until tomorrow.


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