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Friday, 16 September 2011

W-haaaaaaa, its FRIDAY

I know I shouldn't get excited and they do come around far to quickly but TFIF.....!!!
Its been a bit of a week this week so I am really glad that it is Friday, its 5.30 and its time to go and sit on the motorway and drive 180 miles all the way down to Southampton, Not really that exciting is it? However I am looking forward to going to the Southampton boat show this weekend, this is purely a work excursion as I am there checking out new products, well at least that is my excuse for going (don't tell the missus) there wont be any narrow boats there, its all mainly cruisers and sailing boats but a lot of the products do cross over in to the narrow boat world, so we will see whats new and I will report if anything is of interest.

Its been threatening rain all day and it finally came at around 4 o'clock, fortunately by that time all of the turnarounds had been done and most of the shared owners had turned up, all in all we have turned 7 boats, 1 day boat, two boats for B&B, the holiday cottage and loaded the other day boat with sand and cement and delivered that lot up the moorings, so not a bad day all in all.

That has got to be it from me for this week as I really need to get off now so until next week.

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  1. Simon,
    Judging by the time of your post I reckon you knocked off 20 minutes early! LOL