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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Damp start

No I didn't need 'damp start' to get me going this morning however a sniff of easy start would have been useful this morning to get me out of my very warm and cosy bed, I looked out of the window and it was definitely a damp start to the morning, grey and overcast however i am suitably informed that next week is going to be the hottest week this year, apparently we are in for a mini heatwave, excellent as I am away, I am having a weeks break, I desperately need to catch up on some jobs at home!

Not really much to report about the 'goings on' at Norbury today, Mick has returned from the dead, he saw the two day boats out first thing, one of which were not quite with it when they turned up, they prevaricated between them selves about the money each of them had to pay, it made interesting watching as they all argued over money, Angela had to intervene in the end with a calculator to sort them out, Mick then went off to flood the dock, Fred is in today as he is putting his boat on the dock, so he pressure washed it himself which left Mick to do other jobs, He had an electrical job to sort out on a private boat and then set to on making a housing to fit on to an engine to facilitate its cooling, a bit of a tricky job but essential as it is an air cooled engine and when someone installed it in to the boat they neglected to fit it and ever since it has over heated! Angela has been catching up on washing and paperwork and Lorraine has been busy in the tea room all day.

As I said before I am off for a few days so David will keep you entertained in my absence, so until next week.

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