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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Our heritage?

It does make me wonder where it will all end up? we all know that we are in a so called recession and some economists and so called experts are calling this a double dip recession, I personally think that the country was heading nicely out of the recession until the new government stuck their bloody great oar in to the pond and well and truly stirred it all up again, We are all too worried about the future to make any big finical decisions and even small financial decisions are thought about with a lot more care, all this has a spiraling effect which slows the economy down, as businesses we are not the only ones to really feel the effect our heritage is also feeling the impact of the ever slowing economy, whilst taking to an acquaintance of mine recently we had a conversation about a heritage vessel called the Waverley paddle steamer which is a beautiful vessel and it transpires that because of the cost of fuel it is becoming uneconomical to operate and therefore its not earning enough money to keep up with her maintenance costs and it looks like she will have to come out of service, very sad and it makes me wonder how long will it be before we see other historic boats, museums etc finish because of mounting costs, will we see parts of the canal system shut because there are not enough staff to operate it or maintain it? BWB have already sold off most of its historic craft and now it is slowly selling off its properties, will they start to sell off the canals as well, The Shropshire union canal could end up being owned by the Chinese and then its name would end up appearing like this 什羅普郡聯盟運河 and the Birmingham canal navigation's would look like 伯明翰運河導航 and be full of even more junk.

Anyway back to today, its been lovely, no wind, a bit of sun and a nice easy day, all the lads have been busy, Graham welding down in the bowls of the dry dock, Bernard has finished the engine installation and has been engine servicing and fitting batteries amongst other jobs, Matt has been painting and Fred has been blacking, moving boats, being a pain, moving sand and cement up the moorings, being a pain, doing pump outs Oh and did I mention being a pain?

That's it from me for today

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