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Monday, 12 September 2011

Blown away

I bet from the title you are thinking that we have been blown away, well we haven't but I was 'blown away' when David told me just how many people are visiting our website, it is amazing to see so much traffic coming through both of our sites, the more they get clicked on the better our exposure on the search engines so a big thank you to each and everyone of you who have visited our sites this year, As the title also suggests it has also been an incredibly windy day today here at the wharf, I think it is definitely the tail end of the hurricane over in America, I don't remember it ever being this windy at this time of the year, we have had boaters in today that have said that it is a night mare today trying to control the boat.

No day boats out today although I am glad as with this wind it would cause them some serious problems, not only is the wind an issue but also at this time of year we start to have problems with leaves, yeah I know it sound like leaves on the track causing train delays but its true, the falling leaves at this time of year stay suspended in the canal and then get attached to the propeller which slows down the progress of the boat, when we tell people about this they laugh and say "never" people even come back from a weeks cruise and say that they have checked the prop and no leaves were found, well they wouldn't find any because as soon as the prop stops rotating then the leaves drop off, so if you are out boating at this time of the year just remember to give the engine a burst of reverse every so often to clear the prop.

The lads have all been busy today, Micky out on a breakdown, Matt flitting between painting jobs, Graham fitting a new stern tube assembly in the dry dock as well as fitting a new rudder bearing while Ralph has been sorting a couple of hire boats out that went out this afternoon.

I nipped out to do the banking this afternoon and there were loads of branches on the ground so I would be careful if you are out and about today and this evening.

That's about it from me for today, I am going to head home avoiding the lanes just in case there are any trees blown down!

Hope you all have a safe evening, batten down those hatches as we are in for a windy night.

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