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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wet Tuesday

I awoke this morning to a damp miserable day and it has stayed like that pretty much all day to day here at Norbury, it has been raining moist of the day and has been heavy at times, we were waiting for a large order of coal to arrive, fortunately it was much later than anticipated and the rain stayed off until we had unloaded it, we always order most of our winter fuels well in advance and today saw about a fifth of it delivered, we had 20 tons of smokeless fuel and house coal turn up by Arctic, Isn't it a shame that that we have a boat yard on the canal yet it is cheaper and easier to have it delivered by road, how things have changed!

Its been a relatively quiet day today, a few pump outs on the wharf which has kept Fred busy, the shop and Tea room have been very quiet although that is to be expected given the weather, I have been busy all day along with Angela, she has been catching up after her week away and I have been invoicing and doing many other jobs as well as off loading the 20 tons of coal, all by my self! well I did use the Matbro.

That's about it from me for today so until tomorrow.

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