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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Free holiday any one?

I have been working really hard this year to improve everything at Norbury and that includes our hire fleet, well I am definitely on the way, we have gone from having one or two hire boats when we first started to now having 10 hire boats 2 motor homes, two day boats and 11 shared owned boats oh and not forgetting the holiday cottage, this next coming season we will see some additions to the hire fleet but a few of the shared boats are leaving for pastures new, so from Easter next year we will be operating 17 hire boats, 3 day boats and about 10 shared owned boats, number still to be confirmed on the shared boats but that is pretty close, We will now be operating some of hire boats as dedicated Friday boats that are capable of doing short breaks as well as week long breaks and of course our standard Saturday boats, keep your eye out for our new 2012 brochure which will be out at the end of September (if David gets it finalised in time), This brings me on nicley to why I put "free holiday" in the title, some of the new addition boats are coming from other hire fleets and they are based elsewhere around the system so if any of you who are experienced in handling a boat fancies a free weekend break or a week break totally free of charge drop me an email and I can let you have the details of where some of the boats are and the dates that they can be collected, the dates will all be at the end of October though!

Wowser what a windy day, I wouldn't have fancied being on the canals in this wind today, Jay has had to stack all of the chairs up on the wharf and the retched dustbin lid out side of the office has been blowing off all day, its been like one of them American deserted towns from an old western movie with the dust and balls of scrub grass rolling down the street, well we don't have a street, its a canal but I am sure you get the picture? We had the one day boat cancel at the last minute so no boats out today, we have seen a few boats on the wharf but no where near the numbers we have been seeing, its back to school today for most kids and you can really see that things are quieter now, at least it gives us the chance to play catch up, Fred is back off his holidays and is working without a moan today, how long that will last for I have now idea but I am enjoying the moment while it lasts, he blacked a boat first thing this morning and then went off to the Haberdashers Arms to deliver 1/2 ton of house coal, that's it now, as the Autumn is up on us we will be doing our normal winter fuel deliveries around our local area, don't forget folks that if you want some fuel we do deliver but a minimum quantity does apply! Fred then went down the moorings to strim the grass and tidy up, Matt has been painting again all day, Bernard has been welding anodes, rudder bearings and engine servicing while Micky has attended a break down on a private boat and then carried on with fitting new fuel hoses, fitting a new engine control panel and several other jobs on boats around the yard, Jay and Cheryl have looked after the shop which has left Angela to get on with her most important paperwork and not to mention all the other jobs that she has on the go at any one time.

Well that's it from me for yet another day, I hope the wind dies down a bit tonight.

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