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Saturday, 10 September 2011

It’s been windy here today; windy enough to blow the lids off of the bins and to scatter the chairs across the wharf and now it’s decided to rain heavily. Not a good start for the people setting off on the hire boats today, but I am sure the weather will pick up later in the week.

We had three day boats out this morning and we have turned eight boats around today. That has kept everyone busy. Lorraine has been in the office and looking after the customers today as Ange is on holiday for a week. Bernard has been down in the depths of the engine rooms again whilst Fred has been doing the pumpouts etc. Ralph and Bill have been on internals and Mick had a few things to put right.

One of the jobs Mick had to do was to get a Mikuni diesel heater working on one of the shared owned boats. Unfortunately these heaters will not fire up if they haven’t got sufficient power to them and this then leads to them coking up. I was talking to the owner of another hire firm only the other day that have their whole fleet fitted with diesel fired heating. They tell their hirers to start the engine before switching the heating on and then leave the engine running for a further 30 minutes. I think that is a great idea.

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