Shop front in the summer

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Well I don't know where the day has gone to.

We had three day boats out again this morning and we've turned seven boats and one of the motorhomes round today. It has gone very smoothly and as I write the last boat is being shown out. So it won't be a late night for us tonight.

Work has been progressing elsewhere around the yard with Graham making headway with the cabin job and both Mick and Bernard installing the new engine on La Valeria.

I don't know what's gone wrong with the fluorescent tubes in the office and shop, but it's like been in a night club - strobe effect! Once Mick has looked at the dayboats I am sure he will sort them out...

I've had my boat on the dock for the last few days. That's kept me occupied during the evenings. It seems a bit quiet now my parent's have gone back to Spain.

That's all from me today.

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