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Saturday, 5 February 2011

10% discount!

I thought I'd send a bit of good news out for the one's of you who are thinking about booking a narrow boat holiday with us. We are offering a 10% discount to all customers who book a full week holiday to commence in March 2011. For full details visit our website

Also don't forget to book your day boat for 2011 as bookings are now rolling in! When you make your reservation take advantage of our new special offer - click here for details.

It's been a grey day here at Norbury, the wind is still blowing, bringing rain with it! The chairs on the wharf outside the tearoom had been scattered all over the place again this morning when I arrived at work. Apparently the wind got up to 90 miles an hour last night. The boats were certainly banging together most of the night.

Fred and Bernard undocked Oasis Too this morning and docked Debdale whilst Paul got Defiant ready, as she is going out tomorrow morning. This involved filling her water tank, recommissioning the domestic water systems and ensuring that the gas and diesel were full and toilet tank empty.

Two of the shared owned boats are off out later today - I hope the wind drops for them!

Simon's been keeping his eye on us today!! He has been doing some work on one of his vehicles in the yard - just to prove that he does get his hands dirty (occasionally!).

A couple of boats have passed through Norbury today, but the canal has been generally quiet, largely due to the weather, although I am sure that the stoppage eight miles away isn't helping! British Waterways did publish this update yesterday.

UPDATE (04 February 2011): Our specialist contractors have now made safe the rock face within the Woodseaves Cutting.
Our direct labour teams will complete removal of trees blocking the navigation on Monday 7th February 2011.
We will then complete an assessment of the channel to establish if restricted passage past the rock slide can be facilitated. This will also enable our dredging contractor to complete their schedule for the removal of the rock slide from the main channel.
A further update will be issued on Tuesday 8th February 2011.
British Waterways apologise for any inconvenience caused.

That's about it for today.



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