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Friday, 25 February 2011

Pitctures at last

The rain has held off so far today, although the sky looks pretty threatening.

Well at last I have managed to get some pictures of Quartz, so here you go. They will be added to our website over the next couple of days and will also appear in our 2011 brochure.

(I didn't take this one today - there's still ice on the canal in the picture!).

From entering at the rear is first the dinette that converts into a double berth.

Next comes the galley.

Followed by the shower compartment with the pumpout toilet opposite.

Finally comes the two fixed bunks.

Bookings are coming in nicely for Quartz and I think that she is going to become a popular four berth boat. Talking about bookings, Ange has been kept busy today, there seems to be a steady stream which will hopefully keep us all busy throughout the season.

Python came back with some very happy customers aboard this morning. She was out again this afternoon along with three other boats that Ralph and Fred set to and turned around without any problems.

Mick is working on replacing the central heating boiler in Sphynx. They don't last forever, and I would imagine that this one had been in for a good time. It had sprung a leak during the winter, so the water jacket has been removed and replaced and it is now being reinstalled. It's just a case of testing the gas system for tightness and servicing the other gas appliances before it can be run up and tested.

Lee has finished painting Princess and has this afternoon been cleaning out the dock ready for the next boat to be put in for a paint job. It soon mounts up when old items are removed from boats and not put in the bin!

We all had Fish and Chips for lunch. I mentioned it earlier on in the week and all of the staff jumped at the chance - so it looks like a regular meal for Friday lunchtimes. At least it will avoid having to cook on a Friday night!!! We used to do a similar thing when I worked for Nationwide Building Society, but there we used to sit on the pier end at Southend - they don't taste the same sitting by the cut, although I wouldn't change my current location...

Lets hope for some sun tomorrow ;-)



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