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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

warmer Tuesday

What a contrast to yesterday, on the way home last night it was -6 so I thought that today I would need to scrape the windscreen and I dreaded seeing the canal frozen over even thicker than the previous day, what a surprise when I opened my curtains this morning to see it drizzling and no ice to be seen anywhere; As the day progressed it got better and better and better until mid afternoon it was just like a spring day again, some ice remained in the sheltered areas around the backs of some of the boats but the basin and the arm were clear, so is Spring well and truly on the way and have we seen the back of the long winter yet? it remains to be seen.

The lads have been busy as usual, Bernard has put a new stern gear in to the day boat, it has served four years with a LOT of abuse so it was time that it was sorted, All done and the hull has been blacked so that's ready to float off the dock and another boat will be going on to have its bottom blacked, Fred has been varnishing all day on different boats and painting deck board edges and Paul has been doing the winter maintenance on Sphynx, or Sphinx, I can never remember the correct spelling we have on that boat! Lee has been touching up Phoenix, this boat was painted by us six years ago and it is still on its original paint on the cabin sides, testament to its first paint job!

The shop has seen a few folk in today which has kept Ange busy in the Tea room, I don't know how she manages to do everything that she does in a day, she does work really hard. David is off today and he headed South with his boat down to Wheaton Aston for a change of scenery, and I have been busy all day long with one thing and another.

If the weather is nice tomorrow I will try and get some nice pictures just to remind you why Norbury is such a lovely place to be.

Regards Simon

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