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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

some excellent news

I had an email today from BWB, not a direct email just the sort that you get to notify you about stoppages, anyway the good new is that they have announced that Woodseaves cutting is now open to navigation, with care; thank god for that, we might start to see some more traffic at last, it would have been nice for BWB to keep us a little more informed as to the progress! so that we could let our customers that don't have computer access know all about it.

The weather at Norbury has been stunning today, Spring must be on the way, a direct contrast to yesterday with the horrendous wind, today started with temperatures at -3 and all the boats covered in frost again but as soon as the sun woke up it soon warmed up and melted the frost, the sun bought out plenty of people today and we even had a few boats on the wharf for services, I do think that they were taking advantage of the weather as well.

The lads have all been very busy today and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel (pardon the pun) we might even manage to get all the boats finished for the start of the season, the bookings are coming in thick and fast so the start of the season for us might be a little earlier than anticipated!

Talking to people at work it is amazing who reads this blog, even some of the staff read it to get some idea of what they are up to the next day, so if you are reading this Fred, i am sure I will find something horrible for you to do tomorrow.

Until tomorrow


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