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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Where has the day gone to?

As the title says "Where has the day gone to? I really don't know - it has flown by!".

The carpet fitters came this morning to lay the carpet and lino on both Quartz and Ember, which went quite smoothly. By early afternoon they were ready to carpet the office, well all I can say is what a mess we got into. It took me back to those days in early December when we were in disarray and it has taken Ange and I all afternoon to get straight again :-(

Simon popped in this afternoon, just to make sure that we were working hard. He is impressed with the effect that the carpet has made. It will hopefully keep us a bit warmer too.

Quartz and Ember do look superb, I'll get some pictures of them tomorrow as I want to get our 2011 hire brochure finished off and the new pictures uploaded to our website, and of course here so you can all see them too.

Bernard has been out to a breakdown at Cookley on the Staffs and Worcs canal today, which meant that he was out for most of the afternoon. Fred has docked Sphynx and pressure washed her. Lee has made short work of the painting works required on Princess.

Lets hope tomorrow is a little more productive!



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