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Thursday, 10 February 2011


this should have been posted last night!!

Its been a very quiet day today which has been good as I have had meetings today and it has given Ange time to catch up with making curtains for the new boats, I have said before that she is good at most things and does do most things at Norbury! The lads have been busy and we have docked two boats today, one for a survey and one for blacking, Lee has also swapped boats in the painting dock. I did say that it would be a quick post tonight as I have a date this evening, nothing to exciting just some friends and some beer!

Paul i like the way your mind ticks!! unfortunatley Fred didnt have to unblock any macerator toilets today but i am sure he will be unblocking some blocked toilets in the summer!! I try my best to find him some horrible jobs!!

Until tomorrow

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