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Friday, 18 February 2011

Dawn chorus!!

That's it, it is official, spring is on its way, I always sleep with my bedroom window open and six o'clock this morning the dawn chorus started, it doesn't take much to wake me up in the mornings and this morning was no exception, it was lovely to hear the birds twittering but in six months time I will be moaning about the row as it will get earlier and earlier, in the height of the summer they start at around four in the morning! It wasn't the most pleasant of mornings and a bit cold and damp but it is still only February, that said we have a few boats going out today so we are busy today getting the boats ready, I thought it was 8 out today but I missed two out so we have a total of 10 out this weekend, I hope we see some more boats around next week on the wharf as it has been very quiet with passing boats.

Fridays are usually busy from now on and its great to see everyone around the place getting things sorted for the boaters to collect the boats later today, Saturdays this year will be equally as busy as we are now operating more hire boats and some of the shared boats are going over to a Saturday 'turnaround' Lets hope we have a good season this year without to many problems with the canal;

David is off today and tomorrow because he is working all next week as i am off, i would think that he will post some pictures up next week of things going on around the place, I never seem to have the time to wonder around taking pictures.

Until tomorrow

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