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Friday, 4 February 2011

Windy Friday

Wow its been windy at Norbury today and i don't mean me! Definitely not the sort of weather for boating on a narrowboat! When the wind blows like it has today we have to move all the furniture off the wharf, if we don't it all ends up in the canal; we had to move boats around today to make some room and generally have a 'boat tidy up' so off me and David went, it was all going fine until we went to put a small boat back on to its mooring, we needed to check it for leaks so went past its mooring and on to the embankment where the wind was blowing like mad, once happy with the boat we needed to turn around, not a problem with a short boat, But nearly impossible when the engine decides to conk out in the process! managed to get it re started and limp back towards the moorings where it conked out again, we then had to pull it past the moored boats, no mean feat with the wind is trying to blow the dam thing over to the other side of the canal, managed it, got it tied up and returned to move some more boats! we will have to get Bernard up to it tomorrow to sort it out.

The lads have all been busy and we have had to draft in extra staff to get some of the bigger jobs finished, Ember being one of the bigger jobs, being a new full fit and 70 foot long there is a lot of wood to varnish, well done to the guys and girls on it today as they managed to get one coat on everything, hopefully it will get another coat tomorrow and then just some snagging jobs to do, carpet to go down, inventory to put on and finally a rattle down cruise, in the next few weeks I will post some photos of the finished article!

Thats it from me for now, David will keep you informed of the weekends goings on.


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