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Friday, 11 February 2011

Sunny Friday

Simon has been in such a good mood today, that he has gone to the pub and left me to write the blog! At quarter past five, it's a bit late to start writing about what has happened during the day, but I'll have a go...

The phone has not stopped ringing today, holiday bookings for the hire boats and motor homes and general work enquires - Spring must be in the air. Well like Simon mentioned yesterday the sun was out most of the day and although it rained last night, it has been much the same today. The local farmer has been out and cut the hedges (that's disturbed the birds that had started to nest!) and in another field a tractor and spreader have been muck spreading (that has given Norbury a lovely aroma all afternoon).

There has been a few boats passing through today, they must of heard that the stoppage is now off in Woodseaves.

This is quite possibly one of the last Friday's that it will be relatively quiet here, as the boats start going out from next week in any great numbers.

Lets hope for a nice weekend and I'll be back with my normal (long) blogs tomorrow!



P.S. And I've got just one message from Simon to Fred: As Simon was going out the door he was singing "money, money, money..." - see you tomorrow!

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