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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rain today :-(

I spoke far too soon yesterday. The sun has gone into hiding and it is raining today. In actual fact it is very persistent here at Norbury and is complimented by the wind! I've just been over to the dock to see how things are progressing and I am now drenched - I should of swam down the arm, I'd probably be drier...

This morning started with Jamie and Paul swapping the boats on the dock. They undocked Suzanne and then docked both Phoenix and Victory. Phoenix is in for her annual blacking and check over and Victory is in to have a different propeller fitted and the paintwork completed, although I think we will take the opportunity to give her a quick pressure wash off and another coat of blacking to tidy her up for the season, she suffered a bit sitting down the arm for the winter in the harsh weather.

Paul has been back on Princess doing the winter work on her before she is commissioned and entered into our hire fleet. She was certainly well put together by Dartline and I am sure she will prove to be a popular boat.

Bernard has done a few jobs on one of the boats that we have got for sale and has also got the engine running on another (REF 10205). It certainly is running well, forward and reverse. As I write he is just ferkling with the speed! She's definitely well worth the £4,995.00 that we are asking for her! I'm waiting to be inundated by telephone calls!

Mandy and Amy have set-to armed with brushes and varnish tins to give Ember her final coat. It isn't the best time of the year to be varnishing, but we can't leave it any longer as the boat goes out at the end of the month. She is booked solid from April through to September. We've got a couple of weeks left in March that we have discounted by 10% off of the brochure price, so if you would like a trip out contact us to make a reservation.

Jay has been kept busy with a steady flow of customers in the tearoom and he has been doing some reorganisation in the shop.

Simon's back tomorrow and unfortunately I won't be posting until next Sunday as I'm having a couple of days off at the end of the week, to prepare me for the week after when Simon will be on holiday for the week!

Until then,


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