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Monday, 7 February 2011

wind, wind and more bloody wind

It has not let up all day, wind that is! i dont know what it has been gusting at but I would say that I have never noticed it this windy before, our flags have all blown away, I even watched the newspaper stand wheel it self across the wharf this morning, I did catch it before it disapeared in to the canal, I think that if anybody had been boating in our vicinity today they would have been struggling, best thing to do on days like this is to stay tied up!

Its been an incredibly busy day, David has been doing David things which has kept him busy all day, I have been doing 'Simon' things (well if David can have David things thaen I can have Simon things) the lads have all been busy on the usual winter maintenance and an old friend has come back for a while to help get all the jobs finished, Billy used to work for me up until the end of 2009 when he retired, I have to say that while he worked for me, he was a pain in the bum(an old curmudgeon) he worked hard, did a superb job but moaned like an old fish wife,but what a pleasure it is to have him back and doing some jobs on the boats, some of you will know him from previous years,and this year he will be helping out on turnaround days with showing the boats out. He doesent seem to be moaning as much, give him a week and he will back into the swing of things!

I'm sat at home again typing this and my missus (Amanda) is looking at me and craving some attention so until tomorrow.


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