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Saturday, 26 February 2011

and some of Ember

We had heavy rain over night and it was still raining when we came to work this morning. I was down in Stourbridge last night and the water on the M5 and M6 was pretty amazing on the way home - I would of been better off with a jet ski!

As the title says, I got some internal shots of Ember today so here you go.

From entering at the front are two single berths that also form the dinette when the table that is stowed opposite the galley is erected.

Next comes the fully equipped galley.

Then the dinette that converts into a double bed.

Following this is the main shower room.

Then the two double bedrooms.

Followed by the toilet compartment and vanity unit opposite and the two single berths at the rear.

It's been a busy day here at Norbury. Phoenix, Summer Wine and Shropshire Blue returned from their weeks outing and Phantom, Phoenix, Shropshire Blue, Debdale and Oasis Too have departed the basin with some very happy holiday makers aboard for this week.

The sun has been out this afternoon which has lifted every ones spirits from the forecast of the rain continuing throughout the day.

Fred has turned the boats around, whilst Bernard checked the engines over and Ralph checked the internals. Ralph has showed the boats out this afternoon and been doing some finishing off jobs on Ember. Fred is down in the dry dock blacking Sphynx in between serving customers on the wharf and Bernard is still repairing a boat, which will hopefully be finished by closing time :-).

That's about it from me today.



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