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Monday, 21 February 2011

Another day flown by

4.30pm - where has the day gone??

It has been another chilly day in Norbury, as I believe much of the country is experiencing at the moment.

It was a busy start to the morning. Python needed a final check over before she was collected at 11am, as did Wharf Cottage. A couple of snagging points were corrected and both boat and cottage are now being enjoyed by their occupants for this week.

Steve is starting to make headway fitting the cabin out on Victory. It's all battened out and the majority of the insulation is in. I'll get some pictures for you tomorrow...

I know, I know... I promised you some pictures today, but I am afraid that it was too cold to go outside! Only kidding, I don't know where the day has gone to really and now time has run out.

Lee's painted the counter bands on Phantom has been busy getting Princess spruced up for the season. Her first booking is on the 5th March - which I took today! Mick has been doing some odd jobs on the boats that we have got in, to ensure that the winter maintenance work is complete.

There will be a bit more activity tomorrow when Fred and Bernard are back at work to entertain you (they certainly entertain all of us at Norbury!).

I'm sure that Fred will have a read of this blog tonight, to see what is in store for him tomorrow, so don't worry Fred, I've written a list - you won't get bored!

Catchya tomorrow.


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