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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Another windy day

It's been another windy one here at Norbury today. Although all the chairs are stacked against the building they were, once again, strewn all over the wharf when I arrived this morning. I walked down the arm earlier and there were waves heading up it - they looked very impressive!

There's not that much to report really. Bernard has finished the engine installation on Victory and we've had it running. (I'm sure Simon might take her for sea trails tomorrow - that could be entertaining!). Debdale has had her gunnel sides prepped and her bottom blacked. Paul is cracking along well now with the winter works. He has been on Phoenix and Oasis Too today.

The shop and tearoom have been steady with customers, which has kept Jay busy. Mandy and Amy have been giving Ember another coat of gloss varnish. There's a few areas that are going to require a further coat, but we will do that later in the week. An old face is coming back to give us a hand this week and his first job is to put all the catches/vent covers etc, onto Ember - I'm sure he'll get a mention from Simon sometime during the week!

I have had several phone calls from people enquiring about docking and blacking today. The bookings are certainly rolling in now. I think virtually every boat on the canal system needs blacking this year following the ice back in November/December. Remember that all of our returning customer benefit from a 10% discount. Give us a call to avoid disappointment!

I have been progressing with the boat manuals this afternoon. They are coming together nicely now, but I will have to grab an hour or so tomorrow to have a good look around Princess and Quartz so I am familiar with them. The time seems to fly by writing manuals, by the time I have served a few customers and answered the phone an hour has passed by. And that's without having a walk down to the dry dock to see how work is progressing over there.

That's it from me today, over to Simon again tomorrow.

Speak to you at the weekend!



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