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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

stunning start to Wednesday

Leaving home this morning the sun had broken through and the mist was rolling off the fields, the temperature was below freezing which gave the fields a silver glow with the sun casting shadows over the frost, it was just as stunning when i arrived at work but instead of the fields being covered in frost it was the boats, it was before eight o'clock and no one else had arrived so it was lovely and quiet, Fred then appeared and shattered my peaceful start to the day, then a customer came in for diesel and we havent stopped since! The sun has been in and out all day breaking through the clouds just to remind us that Spring is on its way, roll on the Spring!

Fred has been busy, with the help of James he has docked Yelvertoft which is a shared owned boat for blacking and some touch up painting here and there, he then had the unsavoury task of unblocking a soil pipe in one of the cottages, he is now prepping the boat for its first coat of paint later (hopefully) Bernard has also been busy today re-commissioning some of the fleet, we have several boats out this coming weekend and there is always some work to be done on them, it doesn't help when we keep getting these cold snaps as sometimes it can do some damage to the water systems if it gets really cold. Mick is back tomorrow and he already has a list of jobs waiting for him, Carolyn is busy cleaning boats, Amy is busy varnishing, We have had a massive influx of customers into the Tea room earlier, it was so nice to see it full to the rafters with people! Ange is busy with curtain making and Steve is putting the final touches to the varnish on Ember, hopefully this is the last coat!

That's it for today, so until tomorrow.

P.S. Hi to Stuart and Libby and we look forward to you being our guests from Saturday onwards

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