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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Just another day

Not much to say about Thursday really, it started off very quiet, in fact when i came in this morning there was only me and David in, i was a little concerned as usually Mick and Angela beet me in but not today, Slowly people started to roll in but no Mick, I thought he may have been swept away while in Australia or worse, caught up in a bush fire, nothing that dramatic, he was stuck at Redditch station! his flight was delayed and it didn't land until 5 am this morning, it wasn't worth him coming in today so i suspect that he is now tucked up in bed with a bit of jet lag.

The lads have been up to the usual on the boats, nothing really exciting to report there, things coming along nicely. Its nice to see that the boats are now coming and going, amazingly we have 8 boats out this weekend, although i believe its school half term next week so that might explain that.

Its been a nice day weather wise, lets hope it stays like this for the weekend.

Lets see what tomorrow brings

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