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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

wet, windy and cold

You might have noticed that i didn't post anything about yesterday, well that is because during the day i didn't have time and as it was Valentines day yesterday, as soon as i got home last night i got changed and then took my partner out for a romantic meal for two at a cosy little country pub! I can hear you all now saying "arr isn't he lovely" and yep you are right! Now that all that rubbish is done with we can get back to normal business.

Tuesday has started off cold, wet and windy but apart from that nothing too exciting has happened, We have had a day boat go out today, I think they might be slightly mad as it is a horrible day, I suppose it seemed like a good idea at the time of booking it!
Ember still needs another coat of varnish, it seems to be soaking it up like a sponge, one more coat and that will see it all coated and we can start putting the inventory on. Bernard has been turning around boats today and getting them ready for the weekend when we seem to have a few boats going out, Fred has been busy varnishing bits and bobs in the warmth of the wet dock, Jamie has blacked Phoenix and Victory and has also been cleaning out engine 'oles' and Lee has been putting the finishing touches on to Phantom in the painting dock, Angela has been arranging interviews for the beginning of March for a new engineer and i have been doing 'Simon' things!

Mick is back from his holidays on Thursday and he has a list of jobs as long as the canal to keep him busy, i hope he is feeling refreshed, I am off on all next week, nothing to extravagant, jobs around home for me, i don't get to go away until later on in March.

That's it for now.


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