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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Getting back into the swing of it!

Simon has been keeping quiet as to why I have been away for a few days this week. The reason why is that I made a surprise visit down to Essex to visit my family and also for a birthday party for my aunt yesterday evening. It was a roaring success and it was great to see everyone together. My parents came over from Spain too, which was brilliant to get to see them again so soon after they were over at Christmas/New Year. My Dad's up here for a few days so I am sure he will be handed out some odd jobs to do around the yard, and of course I've got a list for him too!

Well it's good to be back, albeit a nine day stint as Simon is away. I always find it amazing how long it takes to catch up after a few days off. Just little things really; items moving around in the shop, e-mails to catch up on, proofs of adverts that needed to be approved by yesterday (!) and Simon's list of jobs to do...

It's a damp day here in Norbury. Although it's not raining, I'm sure it may later on. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine...

We have docked Phantom this morning for her annual blacking and under water check over. Jamie's set to with the steam cleaner to clean her off prior to blacking. Ralph helped with docking this morning and has now started on the gardens.

Mick has resealed a window on a boat in the basin, attended a breakdown at Gailey and is now doing some improvements to Quartz. We've also got a Webasto service booked in for today, which Mick will attack.

I've just been onto Quartz and she is nearing completion, ready to be introduced into the hire fleet. The carpet fitters are coming during the week and I'll get some pictures uploaded of both her and Ember (and onto our website) for you all to peruse.

Right, I'm going to get on with some more "catching up".

I'll get you some pictures for tomorrow.



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