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Monday, 31 January 2011

Another Monday

I am sure that the time over the weekends has a different speed to that of weekedays as they seem to go much faster, or is it that i am getting older? Monday morning arrived with yet another chill in the air, temperature this morning on the way to work was -6 and just when i was thinking of getting my shorts out of the wardrobe! I will have to wait a little longer I fear. Here are a couple of shots of Norbury this morning, it was a fantastic sunrise, the sun was a stunning shade of orange and it seemed to just be managing to raise it self in to the chilly sky but at the same time casting a superb golden glow over the boats and the wharf, it almost made me poetic and bought a tear to my eye, then i walked in to the office and normality returned!

I see that David has kept you up to date with the goings on at the wharf over the weekend and what all the lads have been up to, they have pretty much been doing the same today so i wont repeat it.

I will just leave you with some shots of this morning.

Until tomorrow.

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