Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Well it's been a bit grey over Norbury today and it snowed at one point this morning, temperature has droped to freezing and there is a cold nip in the air reminiscent of them cold days in December, I hope this isn't what is in store for us over the next few days!

I have escaped today, banking,shopping a meeting with my accountant and now I am sat in a reception while one of the motor homes has an
MOT done,I hope it passes.

I can't really comment on what has gone on toaday at work as I have only been there for a short while and I don't suppose I will make it back that early, I thought I would type up the blog while sat here doin nothing.

I tried yesterday to contact BWB to get an update on the stoppage at Tyrley but they failed to answer their phone, I tried 6 times and also left messages but no luck I am afraid so I can only presume that the situation has not changed, I will try again shortly and if I can get an update I will post it on here.


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  1. Banking, shopping, Accountant?

    That is defo in the wrong order Simon!