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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New start to the year!

Today got off pretty much to the normal start today, no real problems, just a phone call complaining about one of our hire boats going passed moored boats and breaking the ice!

So this is the start of 2011 and what a start to a new year, VAT increase, fuel increase and we still have Ice everywhere making life difficult, we are absorbing the VAT increase on most of our services, moorings and shop items, there are a few items that have had to go up as the "mark up" is so small that if we didn't we would loose more money!!

The lads have been busy as usual today doing winter maintenance on the boats while Fred has had to do some digging and dig up a soil pipe from one of the cottages as the ice has damaged it and it now needs replacing, there is always something broken somewhere around Norbury.

Still plenty of ice around on the canal, but by the time I left tonight it looked like it was melting, I dint clock the temperature in the car but I am hoping that it stays above freezing as I need to dock a boat tomorrow.

Until tomorrow Simon

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